The last one of 2023

A short end of the year note and a playlist. Originally featured in The Digital Issue Newsletter 2023.

by nina (andre)

12/31/20231 min read

Hi, I wanted to send you the last note of the year, along with a playlist to enjoy tonight.

Amid conflict, as we come together to mark the onset of the New Year, I want to express my profound gratitude for the ability to persist in creative pursuits in a world of uncertainty, turmoil, and distress. I cherish the chance to work as an artist and to collaborate with fellow artists, nurturing inspiration through artistic expression while embracing the power of art in addressing and challenging the realities that confront us.

If you have a moment tonight, play New Year’s Restart on Spotify.

The FIRST printed issue saw the light this year, keep an eye on Le Imposter Atelier

Let's remember that fostering solidarity, enables us to thrive as a society.

Wishing you a cosy New Year's Eve and a safe 2024.

Thank you for another year as a subscriber!

p.s. I tried for a postcard.