She creates narratives that fuse realities with fictions, storytelling constantly appears as a subject of exploration, looking at each of her artworks as separated objects that in part also reflect the effects of form and material, sometimes prioritising the physical material experience over the digital. Andreina's subject matter fuses with the medium in practice, unveiling details of human experiences gravitating towards the deconstruction of the female body as well as discussing intersectional feminism, the construction of memory, dystopias, and utopias, the decolonisation of thought, gender, migration, and identity, sometimes untangling the relationship between art and capitalism as well as the colonial structures that still shape our everyday life. Her interdisciplinary work includes film, video installations, paintings, drawings, collaborative workshops on feminism, poetry and text publications (both experimental and short stories), and more recently textile. Andreina holds a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts with a major in Audiovisual Arts from Venezuela and a Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts from Switzerland. Le Imposter Atelier is a space of artistic experimentation, a place to share, discuss, and create with guests, artists, filmmakers, professors, and visitors interested in the activities offered by the studio. Based in Zurich, when the atelier (artist) turns itinerant you can find it between Barcelona, Alicante, and Vancouver.

Photography credits @yohanjkim

Le Imposter Atelier is an art studio by visual artist, filmmaker, and cultural worker Andreina Isea B