Our Favourite Artworks by Louise Bourgeois

A curated collection of a few of our favorite artworks by artist Louise Bourgeois

by le imposter atelier

4/26/20242 min read

Born in France in 1911, Louise Bourgeois gained international acclaim as a sculptor, intricately weaving themes of domesticity, the family, the body, sexuality, and the unconscious into her body of work. Today, as we invite you to check a curated selection of some of our most cherished artworks, we are reminded of Bourgeois's lasting impact on the art world and her dedication to exploring the depths of the human experience.

Encountering her iconic arachnid Maman sculptures is an unforgettable experience. Few moments compare to this one. Alongside its rigidity lies a subtle softness; this piece, crafted from bronze, steel, and marble, is part of Bourgeois's artistic repertoire, drawing from childhood memories and psychological analysis of sexuality, and fear.

The Red Sky
I Have Been to the Hell and Back

Louise Bourgeois's diverse materiality and distinctive approach began to get recognition in the art market during the 1980s, particularly following the 1982 retrospective at MoMA and a solo exhibition at Robert Miller Gallery, curated by John Cheim and Howard Read. This moment marked a shift in public perception, emphasizing Bourgeois's heterogeneity as a significant strength, a sentiment echoed by curator Deborah Wye in the exhibition catalog.

Femme Maison
Arch of Hysteria

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