Hate loves the heat

5 summery things it's never a good time to say goodbye (memories). Originally featured in The Digital Issue 2023.

by nina (andre)

9/15/20233 min read

It has taken me longer than expected to write this post, the sun was still shining, until it hit me: the rainy season is here to stay. Maybe my arguments for loving summer and detesting the heat may just be beautiful and dreadful to me. I am aware that some people don’t find the summer to be very attractive and/or beautiful. I understand that some people adore autumn in addition to hating the summer. I can relate to some of them. I particularly enjoy every season, but summer is so liberating. This is my way to say goodbye to the summer with joy and lots of nostalgia.

1. Summer Parties

The sun sets late but we don't realize the time and keep dancing as though it were 6:00 p.m. I shall particularly miss my sister's annual legendary summer karaoke party in Aargau. With a combination of music that makes you feel you are sitting in The Café de Paris in the Paris of the 1920s, listening to jazz while sipping your fave on the rocks; at a beach party in the Caribbean and a Swiss rave while drinking piña coladas near the Amazonian forest all at the same time. Oh, and I should mention how much I am going to miss our adventurous spirit trying to prepare cocktails that always turn out hectic but delicious.

2. Dresses (my summer wardrobe)

A hard one to let go of. And when I said that I felt that summer was liberating, I meant that there is nothing simpler than throwing on a dress and that's it, and going out, and living. I love dresses and their refreshing and carefree existence (mine) at least.

3. Picnics

Flowers. Trees. Sun shinning. Cloudy days without rain and lying down on the fresh grass with a blanket or not, with a couple of beers, bubbles or wine. A good book, a notebook and a pencil, water, fruits and chips. Sometimes maybe with some friends.

4. Family Summer Trips (and homemade food)

I enjoy spending time with my family since they are all quite hilarious. We have been taking family holiday trips for as long as I can remember, and I feel immensely privileged and grateful for that, undoubtedly with some details (lols). In the last few years, the summer trips have been just as warm and gentle as you would hope for family time to be (besides the awful heat). This summer, we spent a lot of time indoors in Catalunya (again, the heat); preparing mouthwatering meals, and the world-famous family grill (barbacoa, parrilla, whatzzz!?), along with plenty of salad and potatoes, wine, rum, ice cream, board games with my brother, and chess. The family playlist... The beach, the salt, the laughs. For the proper reasons, my hair is quite dry.

5. The Sea

The sound, the waves, the smell of the ocean, and the breeze. How come I don't live near the sea? Water amazes me. I'm certain I was a mermaid. When you are in the water and can only see the colours reflected in the sky, a boundless blue scene appears before your eyes. The pleasant murmur of floating and swimming is liberating.

Till next summer (insert crying emoji).