Dating myself (kunsthaus bar edition)

Random thoughts on hanging out with myself at the zürich kunsthaus

by nina (andre)

8/29/20232 min read

There’s a hashtag I used #lifeatthemuseum to describe the delicious assumed kink that is the practice of visiting a contemporary art museum or gallery, or off-space. You will not find paintings from the permanent collection hanging on the walls of the symmetric and simple architecture of the Zürich Kunsthaus.

Instead, you'll see photographs taken with an iPhone 13 of a scrawny plate with focaccia, and a glass of a Muller-Thurgau Besson-Strasser inside a perhaps fancy bar inside an elegant and recently opened building extension (autumn 2021).

Random notes (words and pictures) about hanging out with myself this time in an art museum like I usually do, once or twice a month but this time I considered sharing the photo-documentation here.

Not always planned and sometimes totally accidental, I have learned to enjoy and value my own company. Being with myself is just too great. Enjoy a glass of wine, look at the ceiling, at the strangers... and not disagree? It's a lovely situation that I'm not about to stop. I appreciate the chats with the waitresses (Grüezi) but I prefer not to share myself with anyone else during those moments.

Lots of restaurant-made olive butter for me, creamy and flavorful over a plain focaccia with the look of a slice of a regular baguette, an ode to the simplicity of many artist's dinners (butter with bread and cheap wine, without the elegance).

A video of me acting like a natural influencer, extremely awkward without needing to but doing my duty like I'm getting paid, another ode to artists, and if you are one you know what I mean. Soft, creamy, quite bitter but interesting, fruity; the wine.

Random points

1- Have you heard of Liz Larner?

2- Have you read about Verena Lowensberg?

3- Have you eaten on your own inside a fancy restaurant without checking your phone?

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