Creative blocks

A blank page is a blank page.

by nina (andre)

9/27/20231 min read

Doodling for adults (original)

An easy and fun writing exercise that challenges your creativity (at the end of the page).

Strange to say the impossible becomes possible and vice-versa. It's unsettling how the self-help awareness messages that are taking over social media these days claim that everyone has access to "limitless possibilities." 

Limitations (unintentional and intentional) are part of our human experience. Death is a limit. We can live longer and better, probably. But, we are going to die. I want to calm you down.

Limitations allow us room for creativity, yet they may also stifle our creative ambitions. Going to Performing Arts School and later to Fine Arts School, creativity and its meaning have been a source of exploration, but aren’t there enough art memes that refer to this mere topic?

Setting limits

I gave myself the task of writing anything within 5 to 10 seconds. (set a timer)

10 seconds

I have no idea what to write and if I should.

5 seconds

Time runs wild. I am anxious. (I guess I meant fast).

It was fun, try it with friends and family!