5 Hidden Contemporary Art Galleries in Paris

Visit Paris's hidden art gems with our insider's guide to hidden contemporary art places when in Paris. From the vibrant streets of Le Marais to historic art spaces like Galerie Templon, let Paris inspire you!

by le imposter atelier

3/29/20242 min read

1. Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac - Marais

Thaddaeus Ropac has galleries all around the world, but beyond its Salzburg and London siblings, in the City of Lights, this gallery showcases a diverse array of contemporary expressions in two locations. From striking paintings to sculptural masterpieces, embrace the Le Marais neighborhood as you discover one of our favorite modern art galleries. We caution that you won't spend much time inside as it's not very big, but it's worth a visit!

2. Galerie Jousse Entreprise

Located at 6 Rue Saint-Claude, Galerie Jousse Entreprise is a doorway to discovering art treasures. To us, it ranks among the finest hidden art galleries in Paris, showcasing a diverse roster of artists and an exquisite program. You might get lucky and step into a vernissage. We warn you, if you are into design, everyday objects, and furniture, be sure to visit their separate location where contemporary design and art furniture take the spotlight.

3. Galerie Perrotin- Marais

A well-known contemporary art gallery with locations also in New York, Tokyo, and Seoul. In Paris, you can find it in Le Marais, representing international artists, with its sleek and bright interiors. Galerie Perrotin offers a curated selection of contemporary artworks across various mediums, from painting and sculpture to avant-garde installations and new media. Be ready to be inspired by their exhibitions. We warn you: they also have a bookstore at 76 Rue de Turenne!

4. Galerie Marian Goodman

At 79 Rue du Temple, Galerie Marian Goodman is renowned for its commitment to exhibiting influential contemporary artists from around the world. With a focus on conceptual art, the gallery presents thought-provoking exhibitions that challenge conventions and inspire dialogue. Its spacious and minimalist interiors provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing cutting-edge contemporary artworks.

5. Galerie Templon

In the confines of 28 Rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare, Galerie Daniel Templon stands as one of the oldest art galleries in Paris, a bastion of art. Since 1966, it has curated important exhibitions with contemporary visions and a myriad of artistic voices, continually pushing the boundaries of expression. A visit you will not regret!

We love Paris; it's undeniable. Celebrated as a cultural hub and home to its renowned world-class museums and galleries, beyond the grandiosity of the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay, we are bringing hidden contemporary art spaces where innovation thrives in unexpected corners. Here are five hidden contemporary art galleries in Paris that deserve your attention.
The art scene in Paris is vibrant and diverse, offering a plethora of contemporary galleries to visit. You will never grow tired of Paris, and neither do we.